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Europe’s 5th Annual, 1 Day Pharma Social Media Conference Returns To London On 30th June 2020. Be The First To See The Agenda For The Pharma Social Media Conference...

Customer-Centric & Balanced Risk/Reward Approaches To Boost Profits & Compliantly Engage, Influence & Target Patients & HCPs With Cutting-Edge Platform & Content Strategies Which Take Advantage Of The Latest Tech & Digital Innovations & Win Buy-In For Social Media As A Strategic Force With Measurable Impact

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Europe's Leading Pharma Brands Reveal How To Deliver Results With Powerful & Compliant Social Media & Digital Strategies, Engaging Messaging & Storytelling, Positive Internal Cultures & Stakeholder Engagement & Communicating Value, Pricing & Complex Innovation, Safeguarding Reputation & Proving The Value Of Communications!

  1. Maximise audience engagement with clear, meaningful and compliant communications
  2. Unlock The Power Of Social Media In Pharma: Balance risk and reward and drive engagement with compliant, value-adding and impactful strategies
  3. Capitalise On Digital Advances! Fresh tools, channels and strategies to improve your internal and external communications
  4. Optimise Your Internal Comms For Measurable Impact: Two-way comms approaches which connect leaders and employees; build positive cultures and brand advocates and simplify complex information
  5. Communicating Value, Pricing & Market Access:  Best-practice advice to positively convey the complexity of pricing and the value pharma really adds to improve stakeholder perceptions
  6. Strict Regulations, Patient Safety, Complex Innovations… Successfully
  7. Enhance Reputation, Build Trust: Proactive communications strategies which boost public and stakeholder trust, correct misconceptions and prevent reputational damage
  8. Prove The Value Of Comms: Demonstrate ROI and ensure internal and external comms activities are seen to be adding value to secure a seat at the top table
  9. Engaging Stakeholders Snapshots – Patients, Governments & HCPs/ Healthcare: Tailoring communications to stakeholders for strong, collaborative, value-adding relationships and long-term engagement
Why Attend The Pharma Comms Impact Conference - For External & Internal?
  • 22 Pharmaceutical Communications Directors Speaking In 1 Inspiring Day
  • 3 Hot Topic Panel Discussions: Value, Pricing & Market Access
  • The Latest Pharma-Specific Communications Innovations!
  • The Value Of Comms: Internal & External 
  • Dedicated Internal & External Case Studies 
  • Stakeholder Snapshots: Patients • HCPs • Governments
  • 6 Peer Networking Discussions: A) Ethical Standards Of Data Usage B) The Blended Comms Function C) Global Vs. Local D) Remote & Offline Employees E) Employee Voice F) Media & Journalists
  • A Time-Effienct Format - Just 1 Day Out Of The Office!

Pharma Industry Leaders Share Their Insights Into Driving Patient & HCP Engagement, Demonstrating Value & Securing Buy-In Whilst Ensuring Compliance With Targeted, Impactful Strategies Which Prove Social Media As A Strategic Force With Measurable Impact