Our Partners

Our Partners

akt health was established to shape a future where everyone can benefit from life-changing advances in healthcare. We see a world where health innovation is thriving, but where too often those most in need do not see the benefit.​ We want that to be different – building understanding and awareness, demonstrating value and igniting action. That is what we offer. Communications that can be the difference between ‘a great idea’ and a life changed forever – helping enable better health for all. 


At Convosphere, we excel in navigating the complex landscape of online conversations and social media data, with a particular focus in pharma and life sciences. Our social listening and digital research spans the globe in over 100 languages, enabling us to deliver strategic, actionable insights. Our custom approach uniquely addresses the needs of pharma and life sciences as we understand the needs of the business. Our social listening and digital research offers fast, unbiased and cost-effective solutions that provide unmatched insights into the unmet needs of patients, caregivers, key online influencers and healthcare professionals. The expertise of our analysts is underpinned by years of experience and access to unique data sets in life sciences, combined with our use of advanced analytical platforms. This ensures comprehensive coverage and targeted analysis, making us leaders in delivering insights that fuel impactful strategies, communication and campaigns. Our methodology, language and domain expertise allow us to provide not just cultural context but also nuanced solutions that meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector. At Convosphere, we don’t just help you stay ahead; we provide data-driven, actionable insights that drive strategic success.


In 2012, with a two-week-old baby and a shoestring budget of just £1000 in the bank, our CEO, Andrew Dobbie, founded MadeBrave.  

Fast-forward 12 years and we’re now one of the UK’s leading brand and creative agencies, renowned for crafting award-winning brand strategy and campaigns for global brands like Pfizer, Nestle, KPMG, Diageo, and a leading global medical device company.

Our broad experience has given our clients a unique advantage, helping them connect on a human level—not just with consumers, and not just with patients or HCPs—but with people.

We believe in the power of creativity to solve complex business challenges.

We believe in driving a positive workplace culture, helping us win numerous awards including Campaign’s Best Places to Work and The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For.

This is how exceptional work is born.

We are MadeBrave, a brand and creative agency.

We create unstoppable ideas.