A One-Day, Industry-Led Pharma Social Media Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 11th May 2023

7th Annual Event

24 Speakers 1 Day!

Our Partners

Convosphere are a social-first digital insights agency specialising in the use of global social data to answer a wide range of strategic business questions.

Through human-led social listening and data analysis across 100+ languages, we deliver deep cultural insights that bring our global clients closer to local audiences. To generate actionable insights from online conversations, you need human analysis from skilled social media analysis fluent in the language, culture and nuance of the region and social platform.

Our team of skilled social media analysts are located in-country, across the globe. Masters in the art and science of social listening and social media analytics, they are immersed in the local culture offline and social channels online – providing them with the context needed to develop the most accurate and actionable insights and recommendations.


Crisp, a Kroll Business, protects pharma brands from reputational damage by delivering real-time alerts on risks that emerge via social media, the deep and dark web before they escalate into a crisis. Our AI technology has been trained over 17 years to calculate the likelihood of each risk, which our Human Intelligence teams then use to predict its future severity. Whether you are focused on protecting brand reputation, a single social media channel for one campaign, or a comprehensive social compliance solution across all global markets, we can design a scalable option to meet your brand marketing and pharmacovigilance requirements.

  • Crisis Defense – Crisp Crisis Defense is a fully managed service, working as an extension of your communications team to deliver fast, actionable risk intelligence. Our high-priority alerts provide Real-time Risk Intelligence on an impending issue before it becomes a crisis. That way, your communications team can take preventive action before it becomes a crisis. With Crisp Crisis Defense, you’re always first to know and first to act.
  • Adverse Event Detection – Crisp guarantees to detect all potential adverse events on brand-owned social media pages, social media ads and social listening platforms. Crisp delivers peace of mind that your brand and campaigns are safe. Our high-priority alerting and real-time risk intelligence ensures your team is the first to know and the first to act.  Pharmaceutical companies, their brand teams, and their agency partners trust Crisp to keep their social media presence safe and compliant, with zero misses of potential adverse events, guaranteed.


We overcome healthcare challenges with insightful science and digital solutions.

Society is tackling some major healthcare challenges that will affect millions of people worldwide in this decade alone.

Here at medDigital, we are specialists in digital communications with expertise in healthcare. We combine insightful science with seamless digital communications to overcome healthcare challenges and transform patient lives.

As a General Affiliate Member of the ABPI, medDigital run training on the 2023 PMCPA Social Media Guidance as well as help pharma organisations navigate the Code through end to end insight gathering, strategy and content offerings.

View our services and watch highlights from our social media webinars on medDigital.com.