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Lithium delivers brilliant digital customer experiences at scale. The Lithium Engagement Platform enables brands to connect customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment.

With the Lithium Engagement Platform, digital marketers are delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time to increase revenue and brand value. More than 400 global brands leverage Lithium to drive integrated campaigns and personally engage more customers with trusted content.

To find out how Lithium can help you cultivate authentic customer relationships with the power of social and community, follow us @LithiumTech



We’re a full-service digital agency passionate about partnering with pharma to develop successful long-term digital strategies for brands.
Focused on the healthcare & pharmaceutical space we are experts in driving innovation for our clients and can deliver effective solutions powered by research, insight, innovation and ideas that help differentiate you from your competition.

Nitro is not just an agency. We’re part of the health eco-system focused on collaborative relationships. We’ve developed a product suite and service called ULTRA, a suite of customisable products and managed services to help you work in partnership with your Key Opinion Leaders.

ULTRA stands for ‘UnLeash The Right Advocates’ and provides you with the ability to leverage your best in class drugs, real world data and networks of healthcare professionals, advocacy groups and life sciences professionals to find your competitive advantage.

In short, we want to help you create the stories that will shape the future of the healthcare industry.

For more information please visit www.nitro-digital.com


Within3 is the leading software communications company for life science and healthcare organizations. Our online discussion platform allows organizations to compliantly engage physicians, nurses, payers, and patients in groups large or small – removing the communication barriers such as geographic location and time-zone differences, as well as language differences.

19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical organizations leverage the Within3 solution for a myriad of use cases such as Advisory Boards, Clinical Trials, and Publication Planning, Speakers Programs, Standing Advisory Panels, and Steering Committees.

When engagement matters, leading companies around the world choose Within3.