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Drive Targeted, Multi-Platform Customer Engagement, Add Real Value & Fuel Profits With Engaging, Impactful & Compliant Pharmaceutical Social Media Strategies: Compelling, Compliant, Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies • Platform Choice & Performance Strategies For All Audiences • Engage & Empower Patients & HCPs • Influencer Marketing Partnerships • Forward-Thinking Digital Trends & Technologies • Benchmarking With Robust Measurement To Secure Internal Buy-In. Download The Brochure. @PharmaConf

 One-Day, Brand-Led, European Conference, 23rd June 2022, Central London. 6th Annual Event!

23 Pharma Industry Leaders Share Their Social Media Insights Into Winning Patient, HCP & Stakeholder Engagement, Influencer Marketing, Converting Customer-Centric Content Into Results, Compliantly Targeting Key Audiences & Platforms & Navigating Industry Regulations & New Tech To Drive Innovation & Profits

1. Fuel Profits With Customer-Centric, Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies: Elevate social media performance across every channel, campaign and platform for optimum results

2. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook – Platform Choice & Performance: Deep-dive insights into platform highs and lows to craft strategies which maximise performance

3. Regulations & Governance - Navigate Boundaries To Remain Compliant: Produce creative, engaging and impactful social media content and campaigns within an ever-changing code

4. From Engagement To Empowerment For Patients: Patient-centric social media activities to boost interaction - HOT TOPIC!

5. Targeted, Influential, Head-Turning Customer & HCP Engagement: Resonate with current and next-generation HCPs to drive up social interaction, conversions and patient servicing

6. The Value Of Influencers: Explore new frontiers and the benefits of influencer partnerships in your social media toolbox - NEW INSIGHTS!

7. The Latest & Revolutionary Tech & Hot Digital Trends: Combine new technologies with social media for maximum engagement – stay ahead of the curve

8. Measure Impact, Prove Value, Win Buy-In: Robust measurement tactics to evaluate the strategic impact and bottom-line results to promote internal engagement - ROI!

PLUS! Why Attend The 6th Annual Pharma Social Media Conference?

  1. The ONLY One-Day Pharma Social Media Event – Must Attend!
  2. New Focus: Engaging Influencers, Social Media Governance, Instagram & YouTube Case Study
  3. 2 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Emerging Digital Trends & Tech B) Customer Engagement
  4. Exclusive Platform Case Studies: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube
  5. First-Hand ABPI Insights!
  6. 12 International Perspectives

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23 Pharmaceutical Social Media Innovators Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Fresh Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies • Engaging Patients • Engaging HCPs • Customer Engagement • LinkedIn Spotlight • Social Media Governance • Engaging Influencers • Emerging Digital Trends & Technologies • Internal Buy-In • Platform Spotlights: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube • Measuring Impact & Social ROI

Drive Targeted, Multi-Platform Customer Engagement, Add Real Value & Fuel Profits With Engaging, Impactful & Compliant Pharmaceutical Social Media Strategies:
Compelling, Compliant, Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies • Platform Choice & Performance Strategies For All Audiences • Engage & Empower Patients & HCPs • Influencer Marketing Partnerships • Forward-Thinking Digital Trends & Technologies • Benchmarking With Robust Measurement To Secure Internal Buy-In. Download the brochure here >>

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Gianpaolo Cicchelli, Head of Oncology DDR & MSD Alliance, AstraZeneca

Dario Floris, Director – Country Business Unit Head, Merck Group


09.10 Targeted Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies To Drive Engagement Across Your Entire Audience

  • With more platforms on the market than ever before, how do you perfect your channel mix for maximised engagement with all stakeholders?
  • The bigger picture! Ensure social media fits into the overall multi-channel comms strategy to drive digital success
  • New channels, influencer marketing and innovation: as the social media landscape evolves, how can pharma keep up?
  • Overcome barriers such as internal engagement and compliance to ensure you achieve the highest standard of social media to maximise business goals

Alex Grecu, Digital Performance Marketing Manager, GSK


09.30 Patient-Centric, Compliant & Insight-Led Social Media Strategies Which Inform & Support Patients To Boost Engagement & Generate Winning Interaction

  • The underlying issue: how can you best identify your patients’ needs and expectations to maximise engagement and show that their needs are the priority?
  • Demonstrate to patient advocacy groups and regulators the real patient value-adding proposition that you can bring to increase collaboration and maximise patient engagement
  • Two-way engagement: explore next-level opportunities to engage patients and demystify science by separating the fact from the fiction
  • When social media offers real-time public engagement, the opportunities to make or break reputation are massive! How can we ensure patients seeking truth and support receive unbiased information and their treatment is not impacted by the perception of the industry
  • Empower patients to find forums, camaraderie and amplify their voice around their condition online and on social media

Rita Reis, Head of Communications Mid Europe & Portugal | Group Communications | Healthcare, Merck


09.50 Insight-Led, Targeted & Head-Turning Strategies To Influence & Engage HCPs Across Social Media Channels

  • Tap into the new age of the web savvy HCP mindset to uncover their expectations from pharma and what drives them to look for drug, disease and medical information on social media
  • Leverage social media to elevate pharma-HCP relationships beyond just sales to provide patient experience enhancing information and value-adding services
  • Which channels? Build strong HCP communities on social media through private engagement with medical specialists as well as public channels to engage the whole audience
  • How can you quantify the value of pharma-HCP social media initiatives in terms of conversions, behaviour change and value-add?

John Wahba, Global Medical Affairs Director, Digital & Comms, ViiV Healthcare


10.10 Customer-Centric Social Media Strategies Which Accurately, Consistently & Compliantly Translate Customer Needs & Preferences Into Customer-Led, Impactful Social Media

  • Go beyond paying lip service! Steps to ensure that the patient and your customers truly sit at the heart of your strategies
  • This is not a one-size-fits-all activity: compare different strategies for patients, HCPs, scientists, policy makers and internal stakeholders for targeted, audience-appropriate social media which gets the basics right and drives next-level results
  • Key insights into customer experience and hear the voice of the customer to move forward with engagement; move beyond box ticking into first-class collaboration
  • How can pharma keep pace with soaring customer expectations of social media driven by non-regulated industries?

Laura Cirillo, Head of Digital & Innovation, AstraZeneca

Evi Mathiou, Legal, Compliance & Quality Director, Novo Nordisk

Ahsan Shamim, Head of Digital & Business Operations, MSD Norway

Arpita Pani, Regional Digital & Multichannel Content Excellence Manager, Abbott

Lucillia Abbud, Senior International Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Minna Keskitalo, Customer Experience Lead, Teva Finland Oy

10.40 Morning Break with Informal Networking


11.10 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.40 Achieve Tangible LinkedIn Success

  • Through an exclusive example of engaging HCPs, how can pharma organisations reap the rewards from an innovative LinkedIn strategy?

Robert Grimm, Digital Marketing & Transformation Manager, Novo Nordisk


12.00 Prevent A Communication & Reputation Crisis By Ensuring Internal Compliance Is The Focal Point Of Your Strategy Whilst Operating Your External Strategy

  • In times of increasing regulation and compliance must be the priority, how can you maximise internal engagement with the dos and don’ts to ensure your strategy remains in line as well as effective?
  • No two platforms are the same! Analyse platforms individually and govern them based on their differences to ensure you don’t get caught out
  • To what extent are your social media activities dictated by how well you can negotiate internally with stakeholders? Build relationships with legal, medical and compliance teams to counter risk-averse mindsets with a robust understanding of rules
  • Improve safety with establishing a clear social media governance and selecting a global social media management platform

Simon Ip, Digital Corporate Communications Manager, LEO Pharma A/S


12.20 Embrace Influencer Marketing Strategies In Pharma: Strike The Balance For Authentic, Engaging Comms Which Increase Engagement With Key Information & Enhance Both Reputation & Stakeholder Connection

  • It can work! Overcome hesitancy and discover the possibilities of influencer partnerships to maximise outreach to HCPs, patients and more
  • What are the key compliance requirements we need to action and ensure our influencer partner understands?
  • Recruit, partner and manage influencers for authentic relationships with clear expectations and goals which ensure long-term success instead of short-term gain
  • How can you demonstrate value of influencers to ensure you utilise your investment wisely?

Bhavin Vaid, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Andrada Tugui, Senior Omnichannel SPOC Benelux, Johnson & Johnson

Katerina Zampeli, Senior Brand Manager Diabetes, Novo Nordisk


13.50 Industry Social & Digital Campaign To Help Tackle The Antibiotic Resistance

  • As anti-microbial resistance becomes an ever-increasing global threat, the ABPI decided to shine a spotlight on it as part of a social media and digital campaign
  • The campaign aims to increase awareness of AMR – and the solutions to solving it - among those it affects – patients and the public in order to drive political movement
  • For the first time, the campaign sees the ABPI working alongside patient groups, charities, political stakeholders and healthcare professionals on a digital campaign

Elaine Towell, Director Media & Communications, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)


14.10 Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Forward-Thinking Tech & Hot Digital Trends To Compliantly Maximise Social Media Engagement

  • Don’t miss out! Demonstrate that pharma can successfully take inspiration from outside the industry for compliant, future winning strategies
  • Couple new technologies with leading social media channels to drive better patient outcomes, stakeholder engagement and business results
  • From Blockchain to AI and IoT: In a near all digital world, evaluate all tools and technologies to ascertain the best fit for your company and business goals
  • Look to the future: maximise customer engagement, hear their voice with marketing automation tools, tech and apps which blend into social media strategies and exceed marketing and comms objectives

Gareth Dix, Global Director of Social Media Strategy & Content Pharma Communications & Engagement, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Clemens Erath, Digital Innovation Manager, GSK

Stefania Alvino, Digital Orchestrator & Omnichannel, Marketing Manager, Daiichi Sankyo Italy

Olivier Gien, Global Head of Digital, General Medicines, Sanofi


14.40 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.10 Building Internal Buy-In & Creating Compliant Solutions To Embed Social Media At The Heart Of Your Engagement Strategy

  • Win over reluctant internal stakeholders through solution-focused discussions and showcasing the value of social media
  • From discussion to action: counter investment hesitancy or resistance by addressing concerns and demonstrating the impact of social media to boost budget and secure backing
  • Build employee advocacy and influence company culture to drive social media value throughout all company channels
  • Boost relationships with legal, medical, compliance and governance teams to ensure compliant yet in-the-moment social media engagement
  • Examine ways to influence the organisational set up and break down silo working between marketing, communications and medical to better coordinate and employ social media as a tool

Tatiana Allan, Corporate Communications Lead, UK, AstraZeneca

15.30 Afternoon Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Harness The Power Of Facebook For On-Trend & Future-Ready Strategies To Engage, Influence & Connect With Your Entire Audience

  • Tips, lessons learnt and hard-won results! From content to campaigns,
    successfully leverage Facebook as part of your social media portfolio

Laura Cirillo, Head of Digital & Innovation, AstraZeneca


16.20 Innovative Use Of Instagram & YouTube To Engage The Next Generation Of Social Media Patients & HCPs

  • When opinion leaders, influencers and the future trend leaders use social media for younger patients and HCPs, how can you match consumer trends and maximise the potential of Instagram & YouTube?

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.


16.40 Robust Measurement Strategies To Evaluate The Strategic Impact Of Social Media On Engagement,
Comms & Commercial Activities & Overall Business Performance

  • With compliance and GDPR regulation, how can you access enough of the right data and information to provide an accurate overview of your social media performance?
  • Different approaches to evaluate and measure social media impact and assess which activities and platforms yield the best results
  • Accurately measure the ROI of social media when sales are not the primary focus, engagement is not always tangible and likes don’t always equate with action!
  • Steps to benchmark performance as measurement tactics and KPIs vary per social media channel, audience and campaign launches
  • Translate hard figures into compelling business cases to secure ongoing investment and stakeholder backing

Stefanie Holman, Head of Corporate Communications, Sanofi UK & Ireland

17.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

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