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The Pharma Social Media Conference Programme

Create Real-World Commercial Impact By Targeting & Influencing Patients & HCPs With Engaging, Lucrative & Compliant Social Media Strategies In Pharma

Learn From Social Media Successes & Failures To Navigate Complex, Changing Regulatory Risks, Overcome Barriers To Business Buy-In, Manage Reputation & Demonstrate Real Results Within The Multi-Channel Mix

A One-Day Pharma Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th June 2017, One America Square, London. Download The Brochure Here.

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

09.15 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Aileen Thompson
Executive Director, Communications
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)


09.30 Building Integrated, Impactful Social Media Strategies Which Engage HCPs & Patients As Part Of The Multi-Channel Mix

  • How can pharma brands integrate and adapt social media for greater levels of impact and relevancy as part of the wider digital and multi-channel mix?
  • What’s the right platform for your brand? The lessons learned on bridging the gap between new, innovative channels and integrating this with in-house capability
  • From global to local markets, advice on building an integrated social media strategy which maximises brand impact whilst complying with local regulation


09.55 Ensure Compliance & Win Buy-In For Social Media With Insight On What Legal Stakeholders Want & What’s Next In The Regulatory Pipeline

  • What works when it comes to securing buy-in and reassuring stakeholders from the medical and legal function for your social media strategy or day-to-day content?
  • A look to new regulation and ethical codes for social media – what’s likely to come next and what’s in the pipeline for social media regulation?
  • From global teams to local brands, how can compliance teams assist in translating social media strategies to differing regulatory environments?
  • What happens when things go wrong? The lessons learned on managing negativity, adverse events and monitoring social media for compliance breaches – and what to do after

Sara Gorza
Legal Business Partner
Roche Italy



10.20 Refreshment Break & Informal Networking
What’s next and how can we engage more effectively on today’s current and emerging social media platforms? Swap tips, experiences and the lessons learned in these interactive group discussions during the networking break.

A) Twitter
Paul Tester
Corporate Affairs Manager

B) LinkedIn

c) Facebook


10.50 What’s Next & What Are The Pitfalls To Avoid For Pharma Social Media Regulation?
In a constantly changing regulatory environment, how can pharmaceutical brands ensure they protect brand reputation, monitor adverse events and mitigate risk whilst remaining relevant and engaging to patients and HCPs?

Kevin Christopher
Compliance Manager, Northern Cluster
Sara Gorza
Legal Business Partner
Roche Italy
Hester de Voogd
Executive Director Communications Europe & Canada


11.20 Leveraging Online Discussion Platforms For Optimal Stakeholder Engagement

Jeanette Cofer
Senior Vice President, Client Success


11.40 Creating Impactful, Commercially-Successful Pharmaceutical Social Media Strategies Which Drive Audience Engagement

  • What were the steps taken to build a compliant social media strategy which delivers real commercial results – and was this a guaranteed recipe for success?
  • From regulation to budgets and engaging with new audiences, what are the pitfalls to avoid and the lessons learned on navigating today’s social media landscape?
  • Looking ahead, how will pharma social media strategy evolve and stay relevant in an increasingly changing technological and regulatory environment?

Rebecca Joslin
Senior Director – Global Digital Engagement Strategy Lead

12.05 Pharmacovigilance Case Study

Banu Ünal
Pharmacovigilance & Medical Information Country Head, Local Issue Manager
Bayer Turk

12.30 Digital Outcomes Through Social

Andy Stafford
Commercial Director
Nitro Digital

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.15 Industry Roundtable Discussions, Peer Brainstorming Clinics (20 mins during lunch)

A) Influencer Marketing

B) Driving Commercial Excellence Compliantly

C) Engaging Nurses

Sarah Mewton

Director of Marketing & Communications
Mölnlycke Health Care

D) Low Budgets

13.45 Afternoon Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Fiona Olivier

Director of Public Affairs, Western Europe & Canada



14.00 What’s Next & What Does The Next Generation Of Social Media Users & Technology Look Like For The Pharmaceutical Industry?

  • Trends & Behaviours: What HCP and patient behaviours and online habits will influence their interaction with pharma brands next – and how will we stay relevant?
  • Budget: With cost becoming increasingly prohibitive, what trends and technologies can we utilise to stay relevant and remain in front of users?
  • Health Apps: What’s the scope for health apps to change how we interact with patients and HCPs?
  • New Digital Tools: A look at the new developments and tools allowing businesses to engage audiences and drive participation in the future
  • Livestreaming: Is 2017 the year livestreaming will take off; and how can pharma brands fully utilise the power of marketing ‘in the moment’?
  • Risk: What are the upcoming risks, challenges and hurdles to overcome for pharma on social media – and how can we get ahead of them?

Tinkara Pavlovcic Kapitanovic
Associate Director Digital Marketing, UK Digital Hub – UK, Italy, IE, Brazil
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Dimithri Wignarajah
Head of Content & Social Media
GE Healthcare
Anand Das
Regional Client Partner
Andrew Ross
Media Relations Manager
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)


Reaching Out To Patients With Relevant, Targeted & Compliant Social Media Content Which Encourages Long-Term Engagement & Impact

  • Create long-term engagement and encourage patient empowerment on social media with insight on the latest patient habits and behaviours online
  • The lessons learned on engaging with social-savvy patients and navigating the narrow line between disease awareness and product promotion
  • How will social media influence patient activation in the future and create real opportunities to connect?

A) 14.30 Perceptive One

Jannick Larsen
Senior Manager, Customer Experience Europe
Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe

B) 14.55 Perspective Two

Jakob Hansen
Digital Patient Engagement Manager
LEO Pharma A/S

15.20 Refreshment Break With Informal Facilitated Networking


Tailor Social Media Strategies To Every Patient & Therapy Area
In informal discussion groups, share your experiences and the lessons learned on adapting and tailoring your approach to engaging and influencing your therapy area.


15.50 Demonstrate Real Influence & Impact HCPs With Targeted, Tailored Working Which Encourages Interaction On Social Media

  • Physicians, prescribers and nurses – what are their habits and behaviours online and how can pharma brands utilise this insight for impactful engagement?
  • Do ‘closed’ platforms such as forums and HCP portals provide real collaboration opportunities and offer a viable alternative to safely engaging HCPs on social media?
  • Encourage greater interaction and create real influence with HCPs with tailored, bespoke content based on the latest targeting strategies


16.15 Move Beyond Reporting To Real Measurement & Evaluation Which Showcases Social Media Benefit, Performance & Real-World Impact

  • Implementing practical evaluation strategies and the latest ‘quick wins’ which showcase the impact and value of your social media activities
  • What does it all mean? From social listening to analytics, how can we pull all this data together to give a real picture of social media performance?
  • From metrics to ROI, what are the lessons learned in demonstrating HCP and patient behaviours on social media – and how we can utilise this?

Aslihan Unal
Digital Strategy Group Manager


16.40 Win Business Buy-In, Sway Stakeholders & Drive Real Business Support For Social Media Success Across The Organisation

  • Challenging the business to change…is easier said than done! Overcome the barriers to buy-in when it comes to persuading the business to think differently when it comes to social media
  • Harnessing the influence of senior leadership to maximise brand buy-in and utilise their own reach online to engage with external audiences
  • From marketing to legal, improve internal processes and ways of working to speed up approval turnaround and implement a robust but interactive social media strategy
  • Advice on overcoming the concerns of stakeholders and cultures which are not passionate about social media

Alex Saunders
Head Global Digital Communications

16.05 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Pharma Social Media Conference, please email info@pharmasocialconference.com.