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The 4th Annual Pharma Social Media Conference Returns To London With 21+ Senior Speakers Including GSK, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck & Many More

Pharmaceutical Social Media: Engage Patients & HCPs Compliantly & Drive Results
Customer-Centric & Balanced Risk/Reward Approaches To Boost Profits & Compliantly Engage, Influence & Target Patients & HCPs With Cutting-Edge Platform & Content Strategies Which Take Advantage Of The Latest Tech & Digital Innovations & Win Buy-In For Social Media As A Strategic Force With Measurable Impact: 
A One-Day, Pharma Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, One America Square, Central London, 25th June 2019

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sarah Holiday
Social Media Strategy Lead (Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand)


09.20 Next-Level, Targeted & Compliant Social Media Strategies Which Inform, Engage & Support Patients To Maximise Engagement & Drive Interaction

  • Critical insights into your patients’ needs, expectations and preferences to create content which will achieve high levels of engagement across all social media touchpoints
  • Guarantee a patient-centric approach! Accurately and compliantly identify and target patients on social media to elevate your campaigns and secure better outcomes
  • Inform, engage, recruit: discover new, innovative approaches to recruit patients to clinical trials with first-class campaigns
  • We are all patients! Establish a successful strategy which informs general public opinion and builds a foundation of trust

Maria de Freitas
Experienced Growth Hacking Manager
LEO Innovation Lab


09.40 Drive Business Growth With A Pragmatic & Seamlessly Integrated Social Media Strategies Which Boost Engagement Across All Digital Touchpoints

  • Get real results, now! Determine the time, resources and money to allocate to social media campaigns to deliver real commercial results
  • Navigate today’s social media landscape to ascertain which platforms work best and identify the best multi-channel mix for your social strategy to achieve high engagement, every time
  • What’s new? What’s next? Stay ahead of the game by exploring which other channels you should be activating now to boost brand presence

Haider Alleg
Global Head of Digital Marketing
Ferring International

Faraz Kermani
Senior Manager European Commercial Communications
CSL Behring

Frédéric Ohayon
Digital Multichannel & CRM Director

Muchena Zigomo
Associate Director Communications

Charlotte Frappell
Associate Director, Digital Communications


10.10 Exploit The True Potential & Value Of Facebook For Pharma Through New, Innovative Ways To Engage, Influence & Connect

Demonstrate key capabilities and opportunities to make the best use of Facebook whilst remaining compliant.

Cyril Mandry
Social Media & Digital Marketing Director EMEA

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Boost HCP Engagement & Capture Attention With Impactful, Long-Term Strategies Which Drive Results

  • Establish a successful, long-term digital social media strategy which gets results
  • Be proactive not reactive: insights into HCP behaviours and preferences online to better understand what they want and expect from pharma brands today
  • Achieve informative and engaging social media content to capture the attention of HCPs across channels while satisfying strict regulations
  • The personal touch: how can you achieve a tailored, targeted approach to create real influence and encourage greater interaction with HCPs?
  • Beyond healthcare professional specific social media networks, what opportunities are available which will truly capture their attention?

11:00 Perspective One:
Laurence Proust
MCC & Insight Director

11:20 Perspective Two:
Rui Lopes
Head of Commercial
Biogen Portugal

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


12.10 Stand Out In The Crowd! Best-Practice Advice To Uncover The Power Of Twitter & How It Can Make A Real Difference In Pharma
Next-level innovative approaches to Twitter in pharma; how can we take this even further?

Javier Télez Iglesias
Communications & Government Affairs Manager Spain & Portugal & EU Social Media Strategy Supervisor
Teva Pharmaceuticals


12.30 Ensure Compliance & Deliver Winning Results Every Time With Successful & Innovative Campaigns

  • Overcome the obstacles to innovating within the regulatory framework: best-practice advice on how to satisfy industry and internal regulations to ensure compliance
  • How can we work with regulators to keep up with the growth of social media channels to maximise the true potential and value of social media whilst ensuring compliance?
  • How can we protect brand reputation and mitigate risk whilst remaining relevant and engaging in a constantly changing regulatory environment?
  • Social media waits for no-one… but we need to wait for sign off! Practical steps to better collaborate and liaise with internal departments to ensure agile communications

Jill Pearcy
ABPI Code Engagement

Emma Monks
VP of Crisis Intelligence

Evgeny Tilezhinsky
Law & Compliance Lead for Central & Eastern Europe
Bristol-Myers Squibb

13:00 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.30 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Monitoring & KPIs Note
Alexandra-Mareike Mehner
Head of Global Marketing Communications BioMonitoring

B) Reputation Building

C) Paid Social Media

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dr Rene Rust
Head of Global External Communications
GSK Vaccines

Ansaa Kpodo
Global Expert Marketing Director, Respiratory
GSK Consumer Healthcare


14.00 Future-Focused, Innovative Social Media Strategies Which Harness Emerging Digital Trends & Technologies To Add Real Value

  • How to keep up-to-date with and embrace new technologies to take your social media activity to the next level
  • Don’t get left behind! How can the latest developments and innovations in technology enhance your social media strategies and maximise communication across channels?
  • What is next for social in the pharma industry? A glimpse into future trends
  • As AI, automation and machine learning continue to disrupt the industry, discover real-world applications for easy wins

Simon Weatherall
Multichannel Digital Manager
Vifor Pharma

Alexandra-Mareike Mehner
Head of Global Marketing Communications BioMonitoring

Dr. Rene Rust
Head of Global External Communications
GSK Vaccines

Anand Das
Regional Client Partner
Pfizer UK 


14.30 How Are Roche Using LinkedIn Today & For What Purpose? Best-Practice Advice Which Delivers Real Results

What’s next for LinkedIn? How are Roche successfully using LinkedIn today?

Celia Noordegraaf
Head of Corporate Communications
Roche Netherlands

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.20 Customer Centricity Is Key! Discover Actionable Social Media & Customer Data Insights To Build Strategies Which Engage Customers Across All Touchpoints

  • How can pharma better understand their audiences with data from social media – compliantly?
  • The art of segmentation! Refine your engagement strategies for more targeted, insight-led and tailored campaigns to encourage interactivity and offer support
  • Tried-and-tested methods which showcase how to translate customer data insights into your strategies today
  • Better understand the patient behind the behaviours! Harness the right channels for optimised engagement and build customer-centric solutions to meet their needs

Berfin Demirbilek
Global Integrated Multichannel Marketing & Sales Manager

Angela Wale
Marketing & Corporate Brand Lead
McKesson UK

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.20 Next-Level Strategies Which Demonstrate ROI & Prove Social Media Adds Real, Strategic & Monetary Value

  • Build a robust measurement strategy which proves the worth and commercial value of social media, demonstrates long-term impact, and secures stakeholder buy-in
  • What is the value of social media for pharma? How do you tangibly measure actual value added? Explore how impactful social media strategies can increase disease awareness and brand reputation
  • How can you benchmark the commercial impact of your social media?
  • How can you measure the performance of your campaign? Identify the relevant metrics and KPIs to accurately measure and validate the importance of multi-channel social media strategies

Simon Weatherall
Multichannel Digital Manager
Vifor Pharma


16.40 Overcome Risk Aversity & Scepticism To Secure Internal Buy-In & Drive Business-Wide Support For Digital Activities

  • Is there one size fits all when it comes to digital implementation within pharma?
  • Overcome the barriers to buy-in by raising awareness and increasing stakeholders’ understanding to encourage support at all levels
  • Implement business changes seamlessly by discovering ‘quick wins’ which make digital successes part of the everyday
  • Boost your influence and change mindsets business-wide to bring about real change today!

Mariana Fróis
EMEA Oncology Brand Manager

17:00 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17:20 Official Close Of Conference