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The 5th Annual Virtual Pharma Social Media Conference Returns 18th May With Innovative, New Social Media Strategies! For Group Discount Prices, Please Call + 44 (0) 203 479 2299.

Drive Engagement, Value & Profits With Compliant & Impactful Pharma Social Media Strategies: Compelling, Compliant, Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies For Patients, HCPs, Internal & External
Stakeholders • Forward-Thinking, Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies & Energising Digital Technologies
• Performance Benchmarking With Robust Measurement Strategies To Secure Internal Buy-In, Investment & Support

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.10 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair's Opening Remarks

Dirk Abeel
Global Medical Sales Director
Reckitt Benckiser


Winning Social Media Strategies

09.20 Fuel Business Growth With Informed & Targeted Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies To Drive Engagement Across The Board

  • Identify the best platform mix for your social media strategy for seamlessly integrated campaigns with relevant, engaging content on the right platforms
  • The bigger picture! Ensure social media fits into the overall multi-channel comms strategy to drive digital success
  • New channels, influencer marketing and innovation: as the social media landscape evolves, how can pharma keep up?
  • Ensure you achieve best-in-class social media when social media is not always the number one strategy and compliance and internal disinterest can seem insurmountable hurdles

Simon Ip
Global Digital Communications Specialist
LEO Pharma A/S

Emerging Digital Trends & Technologies - Panel Discussion & Q&A

9.40 Forward-Thinking Tech & Hot Digital Trends To Add Value To Social Media & Stay Ahead Of The Curve

  • From Blockchain to AI and IoT: take inspiration from outside the pharma industry for future-ready, value-adding strategies
  • Which tool is right for us? Examine available tools and technologies to ascertain the best fit for your company and business goals
  • Overcome the challenges of implementation for seamless new tech integration which delivers results
  • Couple new technologies with social media to take advantage of new opportunities to drive better patient outcomes, customer engagement and business results
  • Look to the future: get closer to customers and give them a voice with marketing automation tools, tech and apps which support marketing and comms objectives

Andrew Abdel-Malik
Head, Group Digital Media & Audience Strategy

Engaging Patients

10.10 Patient-Centric, Compliant & Insight-Led Social Media Strategies Which Inform & Support Patients To Boost Engagement & Generate Interaction

  • Drive high levels of patient engagement by really listening to your patient needs and audience data for the optimum social media channel and content blend
  • Deliver informative, supportive content to engage patients around therapy areas and disease awareness and fuel two-way interaction
  • Clinical trials onboarding, cutting through ‘fake news’ for accurate information and patient empowerment… explore compliant opportunities to take social media support to the next level
  • What to do when patient interaction is off the table? Ensure patient centricity through all comms and channels – even when they are not your primary audience

Cyril Mandry
Social Media & Digital Marketing Director EMEA

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Engaging HCPs

11.00 Insight-Led, Targeted Strategies To Engage & Influence HCPs On Social Media

  • Tap into your target HCP mindset to uncover their expectations from pharma and what drives them to look for drug, disease and medical information on social media
  • Refine your social media spend with targeted HCP social media, platform and advertising strategies which speak to healthcare professionals and achieve real engagement, interaction and influence
  • Shape HCP engagement strategies with relevant content which stands out and truly resonates with doctors
  • How can we go beyond sales to really understand our customers and provide information to enable them to better service patients?
  • Support HCPs to support the public: counter misinformation and ‘Dr. Google’ by enabling HCPs to share medically-approved, scientific information across the web

Bonus Session

11.20 Planning For Success: Performance-Led Marketing In Healthcare

  • What it really means to plan for a campaign that performs.
  • Exploring the touchpoints involved in ‘performance-led digital marketing’, to create a healthcare campaign that drives results.
  • We’ll talk about the various aspects from planning a campaign, to activating it in market - from understanding social audiences to defining the best channel mix, and how the planning is just as important as the activation.
  • We’ll talk through some examples from the medical device, pharma & direct to consumer healthcare space, to touch on the results we’ve driven and impact we’ve made through digital & social campaigns.

Regulatory Context - Panel Discussion & Q&A

11.50 Tick Every Box! Guarantee Compliance To Deliver Consistent Social Media Engagement, Results & Fresh, Agile Campaigns

  • Understand and navigate the boundaries of the code to produce creative, engaging and effective social media campaigns and comms while remaining compliant
  • To what extent are your social media activities dictated by how well you can negotiate internally with stakeholders? Build relationships with legal, medical and compliance teams to counter risk-averse mindsets with a robust understanding of regulatory dos and don’ts
  • Insights into GDPR: what is the ongoing impact on social media comms, targeting and our view of the whole customer journey?

Lucília Vieira Antunes
Legal Counsel & Compliance Lead

Stefanie Holman
Head of Corporate Communications

Dr. Inga Koehler
Director, Regulatory International Innovation & DACH Lead
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Jo Steele
Corporate Ethics & Compliance Lead

Evi Mathiou
Legal Compliance & Quality Manager BA Europe East & South
Novo Nordisk

Internal Buy-In

Reprogramme Risk-Averse Mindsets To Boost Internal Buy-In & Embed Social Media & Create Advocacy Throughout The Business

  • Counter investment hesitancy or resistance by demonstrating the positive impact of social media to boost budget and secure backing
  • Win over reluctant internal stakeholders to see the power of social media to leverage social channels internally, boost employee advocacy and influence company culture
  • Examine ways to influence the organisational set up and break down silo working between marketing, communications and medical to better coordinate and employ social media as a tool
  • Ownership of social media: from crisis situations to global/local/regional strategies, organisational branding and multi-channel comms – whose
    responsibility is social media and how do we ensure it forms part of one coherent overall strategy?

Speaker to be confirmed.


12.20 Reducing Noise & Compliance Risk in Digital HCP engagement

  • Social listening Vs Targeted insights generation
  • Best-in-Class approaches to compliant, ROI-positive digital HCP engagement
  • Case Study: Patient & KOL-specific examples

Luke Rogers
Senior Director, Business Partnerships

Informal Peer-To-Peer Lunchtime Discussions

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.20 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Crisis

B) Monitoring & KPIs
Dirk Abeel
Global Medical Sales Director
Reckitt Benckiser

C) Reputation & Trust

13.50 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Dario Floris
Head of Marketing
Merck Group

Customer Engagement - Panel Discussion & Q&A

14.00 Customer-Centric Social Media Strategies Which Accurately, Consistently & Compliantly Translate Customer Needs & Preferences Into Customer-Led, Impactful Social Media

  • Go beyond paying lip service! Steps to ensure that the patient and your customers truly sit at the heart of your strategies
  • This is not a one-size fits all activity: compare different strategies for patients, HCPs, scientists, policy makers and internal stakeholders for targeted, audienc eappropriate social media which gets the basics right and drives next-level results
  • How can pharma keep pace with soaring customer expectations of social media driven by non-regulated industries?

Luke Mircea-Willats
PVPS GI Communications Lead

Noel Ortiz Becerra
Head of External Communications & Digital Outreach

Karina Morley
Global Head of External Scientific Affairs, Global Medical Affairs
AstraZeneca UK

Dario Floris
Head of Marketing
Merck Group

Twitter | Case Study

14.40 Make Your Voice Heard! Industry-Specific Insight To Reveal How Twitter Can Change The Pharma Landscape

  • From HCPs to advocacy groups to government: exploit the potential of Twitter with successful, results-orientated campaigns.

Stefania Alvino
Multi-Channel Manager
Daiichi Sankyo Italy

Linkedin | Case Study

15.00 Achieve Tangible LinkedIn Success

• From employee advocacy and employer brand building to thought leadership and executive visibility: how can pharma organisations reap the rewards from an innovative LinkedIn strategy?

Speaker To Be Announced

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Facebook | Case Study

16.20 Harness The Power Of Facebook For On-Trend & Future-Ready Strategies To Engage, Influence & Connect

• Tips, lessons learnt and hard-won results! From content to campaigns, successfully leverage Facebook as part of your social media portfolio

Hans Christian Hansson
Director Public Affairs & Communications
Roche Norway

Measuring Impact

16.40 Robust Measurement Strategies To Evaluate The Strategic Impact Of Social Media On Engagement, Comms & Commercial Activities & Overall Business Performance

• Post-GDPR in a highly regulated industry, how can you access enough data and information to provide an accurate overview of your social media performance?
• Different approaches to evaluate and measure social media impact and assess which activities and platforms yield the best results
• Accurately measure the ROI of social media when sales are not the primary focus, engagement is not always tangible and likes don’t always equate with action!
• Steps to benchmark performance as measurement tactics and KPIs vary per social media channel, audience and campaign launches
• Translate hard figures into compelling business cases to secure ongoing investment and stakeholder backing

17.00 -17.10 Chair's Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference