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Every day the healthcare world around us becomes more complex. New generations of doctors and patients behave in new ways. Digital and social technology is changing the way we communicate. It has never been more difficult to develop relevant, high-impact marketing content across multiple global markets.

At BBI Health we are always seeking Real World insights to tackle Real World challenges. We understand how to devise winning strategies in the global pharma, medical devices and consumer healthcare markets. We have the expertise and experience to deliver Real World impact.

Our team of BBI Health strategists have brought together the best practices from the wider BBI business across B2B and B2C markets and created Customerology for Health™, our unique and proven methodology for relevant, timely and highly effective digital healthcare marketing.


Within3 invented a better way for life sciences companies to have conversations with the people who matter most—from doctors to patients to payers, and more. Our virtual engagement platform gives stakeholders the freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device. With practical tools to foster meaningful discussions and a dedicated client success team on every project, most Within3 projects achieve 100% stakeholder participation. To learn more and request a needs assessment and demo, visit: